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Art History, from Prehistoric times to Contemporary

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Welcome to /r/ArtHistory

This is a community of art enthusiasts interested in a vast range of movements, styles, media, and methodologies. Please feel free to share your favorite articles, essays, artists, or artworks.

Posts about identifying a particular artwork should be submitted to /r/WhatIsThisPainting instead.

Also, if you want specialized flair, feel free to comment in this thread and we'll make sure you get it.


Feature threads are posted weekly. More information on each one can be found here and the current rotation is Simple Question Mondays, Weekly Discussion Thread (WDT) Tuesdays, Wednesday's Work of the Day, Thesis Thursday (or) WDT Continued, Friday Favourites, Surprise Saturdays.

  • Assorted Art Subreddits
  • /r/Art
  • /r/ArtSphere
  • /r/Whatisthispainting
  • /r/ArtDocumentaries
  • /r/minimalist_art
  • /r/Aesthetics
  • /r/ArtsHub
  • /r/MuseumPros
  • /r/ArtConservation
  • /r/ArtistoftheDay
  • /r/Romanticism
  • /r/Ancient_art
  • /r/Medievalart

  • Art Image Subreddits
  • /r/Museum
  • /r/oldmaps
  • /r/BattlePaintings
  • /r/SovietPosters
  • /r/SocialistArt
  • /r/ArtefactPorn
  • /r/SculpturePorn
  • /r/MuseumPorn NEW

  • Geographic Art Subreddits
  • /r/japanart
  • /r/chinaart
  • /r/Koreaart
  • /r/Canadianart
  • /r/southasianart
  • /r/african_art

  • Making Art Related Subreddits
  • /r/IDAP
  • /r/sketches
  • /r/redditgetsdrawn
  • /r/sketchdaily

  • Thought-provoking Subreddits
  • /r/HistoryofIdeas
  • /r/HistoryNetwork
  • /r/DepthHub
  • /r/CriticalTheory
  • /r/badarthistory

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