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Artemis, starship bridge simulator

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For Artemis Starship Crew Galaxy-wide!

Artemis is part of BridgeSims

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Star Trek Mod for Artemis 2

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What is this?

Artemis is a star ship bridge simulator played among multiple people and multiple computers. It usually devolves into chaos so it's a lot of fun: see quick video


Please send the moderators private messages if you want things like custom titles or to be listed in the Starship Directory or Ship Yards


To boldly go where many a starship crew has dreamed of. For fans of the Artemis Starship Simulator game.

Useful Links

» Free Teamspeak, Courtesy of ZachSka87

» Artemis Game Website

» Story of Artemis: Cannon Wiki

[» Bridge Officer's Quick Reference Guides] (

Starship Directory

PM the mods to get your ship and location listed

BNS Leopold I (Belgium)

MSU Starfleet (Michigan State University)

TSN Mountaineer (Fort Drum, NY)

Pendragon (Elmira, NY)

U.S.S. Belisarius (Paxton, IL)

Stormhawk (Chicago, IL)

Hack Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA)

U.S.S. Formosa (Taipei, TW)

HMS Bainbridge (McDaniel College, MD)

Ship Yards

Locations where more bridge crew is needed, PM the mods to get your location listed here

Paxton, IL

Chicago, IL, US

Kennesaw, GA, US

London, UK

Los Angeles, CA, US

Taipei, TW

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