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Welcome to /r/ArtistLounge, sister sub of /r/redditgetsdrawn. This is a place for all art-related discussion!


1) All threads must be about art,

2) Users must be courteous to other users at all times, and

3) Posting photos and requesting art isn't allowed here - those should go in /r/redditgetsdrawn.

4) All forms of art are allowed: High-quality Photography, Drawing, Painting, 3D sculpting, Graphic Designs - it just has to be something you crafted or made.

5) This sub is not a place to complain about the rules or modding at RGD, or about RGD itself. Comments or posts pertaining to this theme in any way will be removed.

6) /r/artistlounge is not a store front. If you would like to sell your work, you should visit /r/artstore or /r/ArtisanGifts. You are more than welcome to post links to images from your personal website, but any direct links that only serve the purpose of selling artwork will be removed.

7) This is a discussion focused sub. Do not submit artwork unless you intend to engage with the community. Posts that are simply just a link to your website or portfolio are no good. Thinly veiled attempts to direct traffic to your website by claiming you are looking for critiques on the design of your site (or similar requests) will also be removed. Spend time engaging with the community. If you see this sub as simply a means for self promotion and marketing then you have completely missed the point of this subreddit.

8) Any requests or intent to promote another sub needs mod approval before posting.

9) Please do not make posts with the sole intention of soliciting or hiring artists. If you are looking to hire an artist please reach out to them directly, post in /r/forhire, or check the /r/redditgetsdrawn artist directory.

10) All "lets follow each other on social media" posts need mod permission first. This is to verify that you are an active member of the community and not simply hunting for Instagram followers.

So kick back, relax, and tell us your latest art story and/or ask us your latest art question!

Draw a Circle Podcast

/u/funisher and /u/AGamerDraws weekly live drawing session. Draw with us as we chat with special guests about art and life. Be sure to hashtag #DAC on Twitter so we can show your art!

Watch the live broadcast here every Wednesday 12-3pm PST (8-11pm BST)

Previous Episodes can be found here on Youtube

The soundtrack to each episode can be found here on Mixcloud



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