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A place for questions on electronic engineering: Theory, component-level circuit design & repair, buying & using electronic components, test gear and tools.

Electronic engineering is not the same as electrical engineering

Commercial stuff (services offered, selling, paid work etc.) - see /r/ElectronicsList/

---- Click HERE for our FAQ/Wiki ----


We don't cover:

Mains electrical installation work, home lighting (including LED and LED strips) or appliance repairs & queries.

Buying and general technical advice for 'electronic' goods (audio, TVs, computers, phone and battery chargers, domestic appliances etc.) - use: /r/appliancerepair, /r/electrical, /r/electricians, /r/techsupport etc. - also see below.

CODING/FIRMWARE QUESTIONS - See the 'Embedded' tag for guidance.

Not sure whether your question is on topic? Contact the mods before posting - we're happy to help.

Off topic questions may be removed. For ones that are fully answered in the Wiki, we'll point you to the info and remove the post.

TV Repair / replacing electrolytic capacitors

Try posting in /r/tvrepair first. Please READ THIS too - especially before posting that the capacitors 'look OK'.

WARNING: follow advice at your own risk. High voltages are potentially dangerous. If in doubt seek an expert.


  1. On topic questions only - see the top paragraph above.

  2. Read the sidebar and our Wiki/FAQ BEFORE posting!

  3. Submission titles should summarize the question clearly & concisely.

  4. Additional rules apply to questions on vehicle electronics - please read before posting.

  5. Add a flair/category tag to your posts (see "Tags" section below).

  6. "Jokey" comments that don't materially contribute to the discussion may be deleted. (This isn't /r/ShittyAskElectronics).

  7. "Report" link rules.

Typical questions

"Trying to locate a replacement for a blown MOSFET"

"Why doesn't my Op-Amp circuit work as expected?"

"How do I calculate the bandwidth of an amplifier?"

"How can I take high voltage measurements with my oscilloscope?"

Many common questions are answered in the FAQ so do check it out:

---- Click HERE for our FAQ/Wiki ----

Tags / Flairs

You must categorize your question by clicking the "add tag" (flair) button after posting it. Please check all tag descriptions before choosing one.

Click a tag name below to view just the posts in that category



SPICE, CAD, EDA software etc.


Physically implementing a design (e.g. PCBs, connectors).


Making something specific (e.g. picking component values).


Working with HARDWARE on single board computers, microprocessors, microcontrollers, CPLDs and FPGAs. Questions on electronic circuit design & debug, power rails, clocks, interrupts, logic analysis and signal timing/protocol issues with buses such as: data, address, I2C, SPI, CAN, I2S, JTAG, SMBUS, ICSP etc.

Please note this is an electronics-hardware-oriented subreddit so we don't take questions on general programming or IDE use/choice ('how do I calculate the timing of a delay loop?', 'what's wrong with my LED blink code?', 'Is PlatformIO better than Visual Studio?' etc.)

If you are working with whole-board units or development boards (Arduino, Teensy, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266 variants, STM, Beaglebone, TI, Intel etc) and just want programming advice or help with how to hook them up to other pre-built modules (power, sensors, displays etc.), please first try the device-specific subs - there's a list here:


For test and measurement equipment as used for electronic circuit design and repair / troubleshooting (multimeters, 'scopes, logic analysers & probes etc.). Questions on use, meeting particular specifications, sourcing spares and maintenance. No generic 'which is best' and 'where to buy'-type questions please.


Related to this subreddit.


Modifying an electronic circuit or product at component level. Not for general 'modding my PC' etc.


First, check out the comprehensive list of regional and global suppliers. Use this tag if you need further help sourcing electronic components or parts related to a circuit build or repair.

Please tell us roughly where you live - especially if you are looking for a local supplier!

Also for advice on electronic component specs (pinout, equivalents, timing, signal levels etc.).


This tag is exclusively for component-level design and repair questions on power supplies, or the power regulation circuits in your projects: Linear or switch mode, buck/boost, smoothing, constant current etc. DO NOT USE THIS TAG FOR POWER SUPPLY PURCHASING QUESTIONS, nor for answers to generic 'how do I raise/lower voltages'-type questions - SEE THE WIKI first.

Solar electricity (PV): Ask here for help with designing or repairing solar-related electronic circuits (control and management systems). For general battery/module/panel-level questions (hookup, specifications, capacity, buying etc.) please use /r/solar.

LED strips: READ THIS before posting here.

For questions on electrical wiring (home, industrial, vehicles), or 220/110V voltage conversion use /r/electricians or /r/techsupport.

Project Idea

For help defining/validating an idea based on electronic components.

If you are just looking for advice on hooking up prebuilt stuff (eg: Connecting I/O or power modules to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266 etc.), try one of the board-specific subs - see the 'Embedded' tag.


Fixing a commercial product. Note the dedicated subreddits below (eg: /r/tvrepair).

For domestic electrical stuff, try: /r/appliancerepair, /r/electrical or /r/electricians.


General electronics theory not related to a specific design eg: equations, semiconductor theory, component/materials behavior, Ohms and other laws etc.

Not for questions like "Does anyone have a theory why my bluetooth speaker is not charging?"


Hand tools, soldering and build/rework tools etc. Usage and specs.



Something not working?!

DID YOU DESIGN IT YOURSELF or are you following someone else's design and need help getting it going: OK, go right ahead; you ARE 'troubleshooting'!

IS IT A COMMERCIAL PRODUCT (TV, radio, oscilloscope etc.): You want the 'Repair' tag.

Is it a modular system such as: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Teensy, Beaglebone, ESP8266 etc. and you need help hooking up power, I/O modules, sensors, motors etc.: FIRST try one of the board-specific subs; there's a list on our Embedded wiki page.

What is this

Identifying something electronic (parts and boards).

You can also add a flair tag for your username with your area of expertise by clicking on the "edit" button at the top.

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Consumer Electronics, audio/visual, computing etc.

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  • TV repair questions: /r/TVRepair

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