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AskEngineers: Stop nodding, start asking questions.

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Call for Engineers: Tell us about your work! (2018)

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Submission Rules

  1. Post titles must be a question about engineering and provide context — be specific. Remember to flair your post.

  2. No homework questions.

  3. Avoid questions that can easily be answered by searching on the internet.

Comment Rules

  1. Be respectful to other users. All users are expected to behave with courtesy. Demeaning language, sarcasm, rudeness or hostility towards another user will get your comment removed. Repeat violations will lead to a ban.

  2. Don't answer if you aren't knowledgeable. Ensure that you have the expertise and knowledge required to be able to answer the question at hand. Answers must contain an explanation using engineering logic. Explanations and assertions of fact must include links to supporting evidence from credible sources, and opinions need to be supported by stated reasoning.

  3. Be substantive. AskEngineers is a serious discussion-based subreddit with a focus on evidence and logic. We do not allow unsubstantiated opinions on engineering topics, low effort one-liner comments, memes, off-topic replies, or pejorative name-calling. Limit the use of engineering jokes.

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