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Sort of like /r/AskReddit, but for games and gamers. For example:

  • When does Game X come out?
  • Does console X have this feature?
  • How do I get the "Kill everything" achievement?
  • How can I back-up my saves?
  • Why does my game crash on load?

However all kinds of gaming-related questions are welcome.

>#Featured Subreddits:

/r/GFD (gamers fighting depression)


>#Base rules:
> Be descriptive with your title. > When asking questions for technical help please try to give as much information as possible. > Once your query is answered, use the Link Flair "✔ Answered" to mark it as such. > Do not downvote any questions you think are dumb or simple. > is not an answer. > If you don't know the answer yourself but know of a subreddit that might, mention it. >* Try and search if your questions has been asked already before posting.

>AskGames Wiki is a good starting place to check first.

>#Other sub-reddits of interest:
> /r/GFD for gamers fighting depression. > /r/Gaming and /r/Games for anything gaming related. > /r/TrueGaming for the more philosophical type questions. > /r/GamingSuggestions for when you want to pick up a new title. > /r/shouldibuythisgame for those times you want to spend your money wisely. > /r/tipofmytongue for when you can't quite remember that game from your youth. > /r/tipofmyjoystick - Like tipofmytongue, just for games. > /r/GameSociety - A gaming book club. > /r/GamingStories - About sharing our gaming experiences. > And many more.

>Also of interest is the PC Gaming Wiki for tweaks and fixes of many PC games.


Spoilers are added like so:

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And look like:

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