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Welcome to /r/AskLiteraryStudies!

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  • Panelists
  • Current
    There are panelists currently able to answer questions about American, Arabic, Canadian, Classical (Ancient Greek and Latin), Comparative, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek (Modern), Irish, Japanese, Latin (Medieval), Medieval, Middle English, Norwegian, Old English, Old Norse, Russian, Scottish, Singaporean, Slavic, South African, and Spanish literature spanning many historical periods, as well as panelists who are professionally-trained authors of fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction.
  • Future
    If you have at least an M.A. in a literature-related field, or are a professional writer or editor, please consider joining our team of panelists and helping to promote understanding and appreciation of literature. Contact the moderators here and let us know a little about yourself.

  • Question Topics
  • Literary traditions
  • Intellectual history
  • Trends in the study of literature
  • Methods of literary analysis
  • Literary theory, critical theory, and literary criticism
  • Specific authors, novels, plays, poems, collections, and other forms of literature
  • Literary movements
  • Literary history
  • Subfields in literary studies: including but not limited to New Criticism, formalism, structuralism, narratology, postcolonialism, New Historicism, Marxism, deconstruction, psychoanalytic literary theory, etc.
  • Literature and rhetoric
  • Rhetoric and composition
  • Literary forms
  • Literary terminology (trope, metaphor, allegory, sonnet, etc.)

  • Rules
  • No spam
  • No personal attacks
  • No shenanigans
  • No homework help. There's a subreddit for that.
  • Report spam, memes, personal attacks, suspected homework questions, and other shenanigans, and they will be removed at the mod team's discretion.

  • Answer Guidelines
  • Both flaired and non-flaired users are expected to keep top-level answers in-depth, fully cited, and comprehensible. For more information on answer guidelines, see this post

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/r/AskLiteraryStudies is multilingual, so feel free to ask questions in the language of the literature in question. A panelist who specializes in that literature will be able to respond to you in kind. (But do this only if necessary, not simply to practice your skills.)

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