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A place to ask security related questions.

All questions are welcome. Be sure to check out the awesome FAQ.

Or check out Getting Started in Information Security from the /r/netsec wiki

Rules & Guidelines:

  1. Be nice and try to keep it clean

  2. If you answer a question try to know what you are talking about

  3. upvotes don't make an answer right

  4. It is highly recommended to independently verify the answers you get here if you want to be on the safe side!

  5. Do not ask for pirated content, encourage crime, or engage in openly illegal activities.

If you get caught in the spam filter drop me a (non-moderator) message.

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> Follow this handy guide for posting on this subreddit!

This subreddit is for general discussion of computers. Because the topic is so broad, please consider one of these subreddits to get better answers to your questions:

Technology Related:
/r/technology or /r/computek.

Building a Computer:
/r/buildapc or /r/buildapcforme.

Buying a Prebuilt PC

Buying a Laptop
/r/SuggestALaptop, /r/laptops,/r/requestAgaminglaptop, /r/Anythinglaptops, or /r/LaptopDeals.

Brand Specific Subreddits
/r/AcerAspireLaptops/, /r/ASUS/, /r/Dell/, /r/intel, /r/Amd

Help with a Virus or Malware
/r/24hoursupport, /r/techsupport.

Mac users
/r/apple or /r/applehelp.

General Computer Tips

Programming Tips
/r/learnprogramming or /r/programming

Sell or Buy Used Hardware
/r/hardwareswap /r/HardwareSwapUK /r/hardwareswapeu

Hardware Sales
/r/buildapcsales /r/BaPCSalesEurope


For everything else, Google is your friend! Make sure to check there first!

If your question doesn't quite fit in any of the above, or is not receiving answers elsewhere, feel free to ask it here.

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Meshnet Plan

49,085 subscribers a community for 8 years, 6 months

last post 1 day ago [+]

This subreddit is dedicated to organizing a decentralized alternative to traditional ISP's.

New to /r/DarknetPlan & Hyperboria?

Find your Meshlocal & check out the docs!

Other things to check out include:


Internet Relay Chat

Please do not post the following:

  • Funny pictures

  • Links to items for sale or to a promo page for a product or item. (Discussions of a product or item are fine)

  • Promotion of job openings

  • Unrelated projects (ie. tor) or topics (ie. piracy). This is for discussion of Hyperboria, not tor, not i2p, not where to get the latest blockbuster for free. /r/tor exists for a reason, as does /r/privacy, /r/torrents, etc. Check out this post for a nice list.

  • Suggestions to use ham, CB, terahertz, ELF, quantum, akashic field, or FRS radios for a mesh network. For more information, search the subreddit for past posts on these subjects.

Posts may be removed at the moderator's discretion. Removed posts will be in /r/Uncensorship

Please message the mods to have your meetup added here

Meshnet Related Subreddits:

/m/Meshlocals - Aggregates 70+ subreddits!




Terminology, just to clear up a few misconceptions:

  • Darknet: An anonymizing overlay network, usually running over the internet. Examples: Tor, i2p, freenet.

  • Meshnet: A decentralized peer-to-peer network, with user-controlled physical links. Usually wireless. Examples: Seattle Wireless,

  • Clearnet: The Internet at large, or any network which has no inherent cryptographic security, authenticity, or anonymity. Examples: internet, unencrypted meshnets.

  • The Meshnet: Used here, "the meshnet" refers the transitional CJDNS internet overlay network currently known as Hyperboria.

  • /r/darknetplan: A place to organize efforts to create a hardware/software stack for a globally scalable system of interconnected local meshnets. We realize that the inclusion of "darknet" in this name does not properly describe our current objectives, but the meshnet is a necessary foundation for the final goal of a truly resilient darknet.

Thanks to bepraaa for getting these definitions in order

Anything we missed? Message us mods & we'll gladly fix it.

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DarkNetPlan's Hardware Discussion subreddit.

1,152 subscribers a community for 6 years, 9 months

last post 103 days ago [+]

This reddit is to talk about the hardware relevant to Darknetplan, or other meshnets.

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Deep Web

54,988 subscribers a community for 7 years, 3 months

last post today [+]

This subreddit exists to debunk urban legends and share real verifiable information from the far reaches of the Tor dark web.

FAQs and jargon may be found on the wiki

Posting rules

Feel free to post .onion links!

Reality-based subs:

  • /r/darknetmarkets
  • /r/onions
  • /r/tor
  • /r/HiddenService

Fiction-based subs:

  • /r/deepwebexperiences
  • /r/deepwebconfessions
  • /r/nosleep
  • /r/2spooky4me
  • /r/deepintoyoutube
  • /r/deepwebcirclejerk

To get started:

Useful starting points:

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127 subscribers a community for 7 years, 2 months

last post 238 days ago [+]

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Hocnet: A competitively decentralized internet

1,185 subscribers a community for 6 years, 3 months

last post 41 days ago [+]

This project has merged with /r/altheamesh

Hocnet is a concept for a competitively decentralized internet, solving the scaling problems of mesh networks through competitive interchangeable centralization that is not a threat to the decentralized nature of the network. Hocnet is designed so that everyone pays for what they use and anyone willing to provide a service to the network will make a profit.

In progress whitepaper



IRC: #hocnet on Freenode


Other Projects



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The Hyperboria Network

2,061 subscribers a community for 6 years, 9 months

last post 1 day ago [+]

Hyperboria is a decentralised network established with the prinicples of freedom and security at its core.

Please keep posts relevant to network discussion, websites and services on hyperboria, ect...

Links with this logo are only available over CJDNS. If it doesn't load for you check that cjdns is running. This is just a small list of Hyperboria domains I compiled, if yours isn't in there message the mods and we'll add it ASAP.

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i2p — anonymous network

15,682 subscribers a community for 7 years, 8 months

last post today [+]

The Invisible Internet Project

"Cousin of R2D2"

New to I2P? Use these!

I2P can be downloaded here


  • I found a bug!

Check this thread on how to report it.

  • Can I use I2P as a proxy to the internet?

It's not recommended as that is not the main use of I2P, but you can. See information on outproxies for more.

I2P links of interest:

For a more complete list of interesting I2P services, read the Guide to I2P services.


File Hosting and Pastebins


Social Networks and Microblogging

Exploring I2P


Irc2P comes pre-configured with I2P. To connect with other networks, please follow this tutorial.

  • Irc2P (works out of the box)
  • irc.killyourtv.i2p


An open source system for operating distributed forums in anonymous networks


Don't have I2P? You can still access .i2p sites using an inproxy! Just add .xyz after .i2p in your URL.

Sister Subreddits

  • /r/onions
  • /r/Torrents
  • /r/Anoncoin
  • /r/Bitcoin
  • /r/Darknetplan
  • /r/Privacy
  • /r/Crypto
  • /r/CryptoAnarchy
  • /r/P2P
  • /r/Filesharing
  • /r/evolutionReddit
  • /r/NSALeaks

Follow us on

If you have made a submission to this subreddit and it isn't showing up, PM the moderators! It might be stuck in the spam filter.

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Proven security!

248 subscribers a community for 6 years

last post 130 days ago [+]

Want to bitch about Oracle/MS/Adobe's recent exploit even though it's been on the front page for 5 days?

Tired of sanitybit's "moderation" and "civility"? Join the circlejerk! Link posts everywhere because self posts don't get karma. If you want to self post, just link to pastebin or something.

Affiliated subreddits:

/r/darknetplan and /r/conspiracy - because the NSA is everywhere

/r/bitcoin - Aquire botnet. Run mining program. ???. Profit!

/r/anarcho_capitalism - The only working form of goverment!


/r/mylittleandysonic1 - Home to the Pwnie awards!

/r/moderatorjerk - Best subreddit, or bestest subreddit?

/r/4chan - Test your security!

/r/internetexplorer - The one true browser.


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/r/netsec - Information Security News & Discussion

267,041 subscribers a community for 11 years, 4 months

last post today [+]

A community for technical news and discussion of information security and closely related topics.

"Give me root, it's a trust exercise."

Featured Posts

Content Guidelines

/r/netsec only accepts quality technical posts. Non-technical posts are subject to moderation.

» Our fulltext content guidelines

Discussion Guidelines

  • Don't create unnecessary conflict.

  • Keep the discussion on topic.

  • Limit the use of jokes & memes.

  • Don't complain about content being a PDF.

  • Follow all reddit rules and obey reddiquette.

» Our fulltext discussion guidelines

Prohibited Topics & Sources

» Our fulltext list of prohibited topics & sources


Join us on IRC: #r_netsec on freenode

We're also on: Twitter, Facebook, & Google+

Related Reddits

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Enterprise Networking news, blogs and discussion.

131,097 subscribers a community for 10 years, 2 months

last post 8 days ago [+]

Enterprise Networking

Routers, Switches, Firewalls and other Data Networking infrastructure discussions welcomed.

New Visitors are encouraged to read our wiki.

This subreddit allows:

  • Enterprise & Business Networking topics such as:
  • Design
  • Troubleshooting
  • Best Practices

  • Educational Topics & Questions are allowed with following guidelines:

  • Enterprise /Data Center /SP /Business networking related.
  • No Homework Topics without detailed, and specific questions.

  • Networking Career Topics are allowed with following guidelines:

  • Topics asking for information about getting into the networking field will be removed. This topic has been discussed at length, please use the search feature.
  • Topics regarding senior-level networking career progression are permitted.

This subreddit does NOT allow:

  • Home Networking Topics.
  • We aren't here to troubleshoot your "advanced" video game latency issues.
  • Home Networks, even complex ones are best discussed elsewhere like /r/homenetworking
  • HomeLab discussions, as a tool for learning & certifications are welcomed.

  • Braindump / Certification Cheating.

  • These topics pollute our industry and devalue the hard work of others.
  • These posts will be deleted without mercy.

  • Blogspam / Traffic Redirection.

  • This sub prefers to share knowledge within the sub community.
  • Directing our members to resources elsewhere is closely monitored.
    -- You may announce the existence of your blog/YouTube Channel.
    -- You may share a URL to a blog that answers questions already in discussion.
    -- But harassing members to check out your content will not be tolerated.

  • Low-quality posts.

  • Any post that fails to display a minimal level of effort prior to asking for help is at risk of being Locked or Deleted.
  • We expect our members to treat each other as fellow professionals. Professionals research & troubleshoot before they ask others for help.
  • Please review How to ask intelligent questions to avoid this issue.

  • Early-Career Advice.

  • This sub-reddit is dedicated to higher-level, more senior networking topics.
  • /r/itcareerquestions /r/ccna and /r/ccent are all available for early-career discussions.

  • We don't do your homework for you.

  • Don't ask us what we would buy for a given project.
  • Don't ask us how to subnet.
  • Show us how you think you should solve those issues, and we will validate or offer enhancement to your initial attempt.

Recommended & Related Sub-Reddits:




Related IRC Channels

Rule #1: No Home Networking.

Rule #2: No Certification Brain Dumps / Cheating.

Rule #3: No BlogSpam / Traffic re-direction.

Rule #4: No Low Quality Posts.

Rule #5: No Early Career Advice.

Rule #6: Homework / Educational Questions must display effort.

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OpenWrt news, tools, tips and discussion. Including DD-WRT, Tomato, OpenSAN and more

4,337 subscribers a community for 8 years, 4 months

last post 2 days ago [+]

OpenWrt news, tools, tips and discussion. Related projects, such as DD-WRT, Tomato, OpenSAN and LEDE, are also on-topic.


Other subreddits you may like:

  • /r/linux_devices
  • /r/DDWRT
  • /r/TomatoFTW
  • /r/opensourcehardware
  • /r/linux
  • /r/linux4noobs
  • /r/networking
  • /r/sysadmin

^^Does ^^this ^^sidebar ^^need ^^an ^^addition ^^or ^^correction? ^^Tell ^^me ^^here

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A place to share pics & info on DIY PirateBoxes

3,016 subscribers a community for 6 years, 6 months

last post today [+]

About PirateBox:

PirateBox is a self-contained mobile communication and file sharing device. Inspired by pirate radio and the free culture movement, PirateBox utilizes Free, Libre and Open Source software (FLOSS) to create mobile wireless file sharing networks where users can anonymously chat and share images, video, audio, documents, and other digital content.

The PirateBox can be built using a number of different configurations depending upon your needs and budget. The basic system consists of a lightweight web server connected to a wireless device. When users join the PirateBox wireless network and open a web browser, they are automatically redirected to the PirateBox welcome page. They can then begin uploading or downloading files.

Related Subreddits:










PirateBox 1.0 DIY Instructions

LibraryBox 2.1 DIY Instructions

PirateBox Forum

LibraryBox HomePage

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Tor - The Onion Router

43,140 subscribers a community for 9 years, 1 month

last post today [+]

Tor - The Onion Router

Protect your privacy. Defend yourself against network surveillance and traffic analysis. Get Tor.

This subreddit is for news, questions, opinions and tips about Tor.

Community guidelines:

  • Posts about the non-technical aspects of Tor's hidden services – such as individual .onion sites and their content – belong in /r/onions. Posts concerning criminal marketplaces may be removed from /r/Tor.
  • News articles that do not mention Tor are usually off-topic; /r/Tor is not for general news about privacy or security.

Tor or TOR?

The proper capitalization is "Tor". The subreddit's name is incorrectly capitalized as "TOR" and cannot be changed due to Reddit's technical limitations. Please read the Tor Project FAQ for more information.

How to get started

  1. Download the Tor Browser Bundle
  2. Install
  3. Start it. You're done. It's that easy!

How to ask for help

You may have come here because you need assistance getting Tor or a specific aspect of Tor working. Please read this guide on how to ask for help before posting help questions, courtesy of /u/system33-.


Related subreddits

  • /r/onions – all about Tor's hidden services
  • /r/tails – the Tails operating system helps preserve anonymity
  • /r/netsec – security news and discussion
  • /r/privacy – privacy and freedom in the information age
  • /r/FreeSpeech – freedom of speech
  • /r/i2p – The Invisible Internet Project, anonymity system with similarities to Tor
  • /r/Namecoin – Namecoin, decentralized DNS

/r/tor is not managed or endorsed by The Tor Project.

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