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AskOuija: Get your answers one letter at a time

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In search of answers? Ask the Reddit Ouija board!

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0) No shitposting.

1) Posts must ask a question (or be answerable in some way).

2) All comments must be a single character, with a couple exceptions:

  • If you feel that the Ouija has completed its answer, you may comment with "Goodbye" to end the thread.

  • You may add commentary as long as it's a child comment of a "goodbye" (in reply to a "goodbye", in reply to a comment that's replying to a "goodbye", etc).

3) You may not reply directly to your own letter comment (but you can still reply multiple times in a thread).

4) You may not help answer your own question. You can still reply to a Goodbye, but you cannot add letters or Goodbyes. You've done your job; let the spirits do theirs.

These rules are a work-in-progress and subject to change. Feedback is welcome.


The Ouija Bot [source]

The Ouija Bot will flair threads with the Ouija's answer. It will do this for threads that contain a "goodbye" that meets the comment score threshold (I'm tweaking this number so it may vary, see below). It runs every hour on the hour (roughly).

Goodbye threshold: 10 points

If you think the Ouija Bot jumped the gun and would like a submission reflaired, report the post (not the Goodbye) as "Missing or Incorrect Flair". The Ouija Bot will reprocess your post the next time it runs.

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