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Photography related questions without fear or favor.

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Welcome to /r/AskPhotography

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A place to ask questions to the photographic community here on Reddit.

Well formulated questions with clear accurate titles will help, the better the questions the better the answer. Beginner or Pro, ask a good question and we'll give good answers - hopefully.

The ask hub /r/AskHub

Subreddits of Interest

Film Cameras

  • /r/Analog

  • /r/Darkroom - Film photography

  • /r/Lomography

  • /r/ToyCameras - Lomography, experimental, light leaks. Diana, Holga, Superheadz, Harinezumi, Keychain cams, plastic lenses

Brand Specific Subreddits

  • /r/nikon

  • /r/canon

Photography Genres

  • /r/landscapeastro

  • /r/Astrophotography

  • /r/FashionPhotography - Photographers, styles, techniques

  • /r/MacroPhotography

  • /r/PhotoJournalism - Stories by and about photojournalists, the photography industry, and discussions of photojournalist practices

  • /r/PhotoEssay - photography essays and slideshows

  • /r/PortraitPhotos

  • /r/FOSSPhotography

General Photography Discussion

  • /r/AskPhotography - Ask anything here! Friendly/Supportive & Beginners Welcome!

  • /r/Cameras - Reviews, articles, blogs, videos, of cameras and gear

  • /r/PhotoClass - Intro to Photography Reddit style, w/29 lessons

  • /r/PhotoClass2015 - Join them as they revisit /r/photoclass and more

  • /r/Photography - The main hub of all things photography related

  • /r/Shutterbug - Lighthearted/fun subreddit for discussing photography culture and practice

  • /r/AmateurPhotography - A place for amateur photographers to share tips, images, tricks, advice and give advice

Photo Editing / Post Processing

  • /r/Gimp (Free Download Here) - A free image manipulation program

  • /r/Lightroom - Digital photo editing

  • Pixlr - Free online image manipulator. (No download required)

  • /r/PostProcessing - Noise reduction, sharpening, exposure blending, image retouching etc.

  • /r/Photoshop - Digital photo editing

  • /r/PicRequests - Requests and assistance for photo editing

Redditors Taking Pictures

  • /r/365PhotoProject - Year long marathon of taking and sharing photos

  • /r/Flickr - Sharing Flickr pics

  • /r/Instagramshots - for sharing your instagrams!

  • /r/ITookaPicture - Give and receive feedback

  • /r/GuessMyFirstName - Redditors share self portraits, you guess their name!

  • /r/PhotoCritique - Post a picture and receive constructive criticism/advice for improvement

  • /r/PhonePics - Pictures taken from cell phones

  • /r/PictureChallenge - Weekly topic/category of pictures

  • /r/QualityPhotos - Professionals, intermediates, and beginners are encourage share their best work.

  • /r/Redditor_Pics - Redditors posting pics of themselves, family, and friends

  • /r/RoomDetective - What can you deduce from a photograph?

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