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Ask Physics

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Troll alert: r/911truth is declaring some kind of war, I guess, on AskPhysics. Since we mods don't patrol very often, just report the threads and don't engage them. If anybody throws an ad hominem at you, please report it directly to the reddit admins.

r/AskPhysics exists to answer simple physics questions from physics students and non-physicists. No real rules except relevance and civility. If your basic physics question isn't answered in a day, you can post it in the Tuesday thread in /r/Physics (unless it's a homework-related physics question).

How to use LaTeX?

First, you will need to install one of the recommended add-ons. To include an equation typeset in LaTeX in your post, put the LaTeX code between [; and ;].

[;i\hbar \frac{\partial}{\partial t} \Psi = \hat H\Psi;]

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