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  1. Welcome to /r/AskScienceDiscussion, help the subreddit grow by subscribing!

/r/AskScienceDiscussion is the place to ask any question you have about being a scientist, what's new in a field, or what's going to happen in a field. We also:

  • Discuss reading material or other educational topics

  • Continue tangential discussions that start on /r/AskScience

  • Help users work through questions they're unsure how to phrase for /r/AskScience

  • Discuss broader questions pertaining to science or scientific fields


  • Posts and comments that are unrelated to science, promoting pseudoscience or are unscientific in nature will be removed.

  • If you are speculating, please say so.

  • Sources, especially peer-reviewed, are always helpful and appreciated.

  • We are happy to discuss controversial topics, but we expect users to maintain some level of scientific integrity. Arguments that run counter to well-established scientific concepts may be removed.

  • This subreddit is a subsidiary of AskScience and the same rules of civility apply. No troll, bots, spam, or harassment.

  • No medical advice.

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