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Welcome to r/AskSocialScience!

The goal of AskSocialScience is to provide great answers to social science questions, based on solid theory, practice, and research.

Prior to posting, please review the AskSocialScience Rules or this summary:

1. All claims in top level comments must be supported by citations to relevant social science sources. No lay speculation.

2. Questions should be novel and specific and answerable. No "what if" questions that require speculative answers. Please search first.

3. Top level comments must be serious attempts to answer the question, focus the question, or ask follow-up questions.

4. Nested comments must be related to parents (no piggybacking unsourced answers).

5. Discussion must be based on social science findings and research, not opinions, anecdotes, or personal politics.

6. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Please report incivility, personal attacks, racism, misogyny, or harassment you see or experience.

7. This subreddit is not intended to help with personal issues or school work. Please direct those questions to professionals or appropriate subreddits. For homework questions, we suggest /r/HomeworkHelp or /r/econhw instead.

Upvote comments that are substantive, detailed answers that show an understanding of the field and are supported with relevant citations.

Report comments that are off-topic, politically motivated, speculative, or anecdotal; unhelpful comments, such as memes or empty jokes; or unsourced top level comments.

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