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Supporters of Mr. Trump may visit our sister sub, /r/The_Donald!

  1. Appropriate flair is required

  2. No Spamming

  3. No Trolling

  4. No releasing of personal information

  5. No vote manipulation/brigading

  6. Only participate in good faith

  7. No circlejerking

  8. Do not post concerns about /r/The_Donald or /r/AskThe_Donald

  9. Low effort posts are not allowed ("Convince Me" posts)

  10. No Threatening/Harassing behavior (You will be permanently banned)

  11. Top level comments must be answered by supporters or Vetted Non Supporters

  12. Participation requires a Reddit account that is at least 30 days old and has accumulated a minimum of 250 comment karma

Supporters of President Trump must MESSAGE THE MODERATORS and request the "CENTIPEDE!" flair before participation.

This is a subreddit for redditors to ask good faith questions of Trump supporters. It is also fine for supporters to ask the community questions to expand their knowledge about Trump-related positions and topics. THIS IS NOT YOUR SOAPBOX TO DISSEMINATE VIEWS AGAINST THE PRESIDENT. While genuine followup questions are fine, arguing for the sake of arguing is not. This is also not r/the_donald; please send the high energy MAGA posts that way. Participate civilly or not at all.

Please be sure to check out Mr. Trump's official "Issues" page!

The Ultimate List of Arguments for Trump (credit /u/acetrainergreen )

HOW TO: Explain to a Democrat why they should support Trump (credit /u/2016Politics)

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