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2XFFUUUU Answering the hard hitting questions

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  1. Harassing others will result in an immediate ban! (this includes being unreasonably mean to someone!)
  2. NO victim blaming.
  3. All questions require a link.
  4. Absolutely NO 'Do Women like...' questions allowed. Seriously, we don't answer for all women. If you want to know what one woman likes, then ask her.
  5. Uploading your gif or picture onto Imgur will not only make things easier, it'll make us happy. We like our hover images around here.
  6. Please don't start a comment with "As a man", you're asking trollxers the questions, let us answer them! (this doesn't mean you can't participate in the comments section, just please be respectful and don't turn everything into a gender war).
  7. This is a page for asking cool women any question you have always wanted to ask but never got the chance to. If you want to post a MRW or HIFW, then head on over to /r/TrollXChromosomes! Or, if you'd like to ask man trolls any awesome questions, /r/AsktrollY is the sub for you! If you have questions about a specific relationship issue, feel free to post to /r/TrollRelationships. Finally, if you're looking for love/friendship/whatever you might want to check out /r/Troll4Troll
  8. NEW ADDITION /r/TrollMUA is a thing now. For posting makeup memes, questions, and your own looks.

Report rude comments and message the mods with a link so we can delete them with more efficiency!

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