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Subreddit Information

One about Downvotes

One that discussed reporting and our views on hate speech

One that discusses Rule 7

Subreddit Rules

1. Remain Civil.

2. Post only in Good Faith.

3. No memes, trolling, doxing, vote manipulation or brigading

4. Do not post about reddit or any other subreddits.

5. No Circle-Jerking

6. Top comments made by Nimble Navigators Only

7. ALL Comments by Non-Trump Supporters must be clarifying questions.

8. Flair is required: Nimble Navigator, Non-Trump Supporter, Undecided

9. Posts must be questions directed at Trump Supporters.

10. Do Not Answer Your Own Question in Posts AT ALL. No Political Statements. Questions only.

11. Sources/context are required when submitting a thread.

12. Do not proxy mod.


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