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Welcome to /r/Astroneer

What is Astroneer?

Astroneer is game about wonder, discovery, power, greed, mystery, and grand endeavor in a new age of expansion on the fringes of humanity. You will land alone, or with a small crew of friends, on a planet to call your own. Harsh but bountiful, infinite worlds will beckon you to explore, exploit, and ultimately to reshape to your desire. Excavate and deform the land, uncover precious resources, jury-rig equipment to suit your taste and needs, create industrial scale extraction and manufacturing facilities, and locate rare items and artifacts. Contribute to the survival of Earth-based humankind, and get rich along the way.

The worlds in Astroneer are diverse, from huge spherical planets with atmospheres and vast landscapes, to strangely shaped small asteroids floating in the rings of gas giants. Each world is procedurally generated, unique to your experience, and can be totally reshaped by your tools. Excavate vast underground tunnels or create megaliths on the surface; the world is your Play-Doh.

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