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Everything to do with Astronomy:

A hobby of humanity since the dawn of time, and the scientific study of celestial objects.

"Astronomy compels the soul to look upward, and leads us from this world to another."

"We are a way for the cosmos to know itself."

Answers to Common Questions

How do I Become an Astronomer/What do Astronomers Do?

What telescope/accessories should I buy?

What should I look for in the sky?

  • [This Week's Sky at a Glance (Sky & Telescope)] (

  • [Tonight at a Glance (EarthSky)] (

  • [Tonight's Sky (For advanced users, requires latitude & longitude)] (

What Was That Bright Moving Object I Saw?

  • [Heavens Above (Satellite/Spacecraft Tracking)] (

Where Can I Learn About Astronomy?

  • [Nick Strobel's "Astronomy Notes" Textbook] (

Can I Get Help With Homework?

  • [Homework Help] (

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General Rules

Posters should make every effort to link to primary sources or reputable reporting on said sources. Tertiary sources or or sources whose content is lifted verbatim from a secondary sources, as well as secondary sources from disreputable, overly click-baity, or ad-filled sources will be removed. Users repeatedly posting links to a single source to drive traffic to their sites will be banned.

When posting news, please verify that the topic hasn't already been posted in the past few days.

Rage/Meme Comics, disrespectful and overly political comments will be removed.

Please avoid multiple exclamation marks, excessive CAPS, or editorializing in submission titles.

While we welcome pics to this community, the focus of the sub is tilted towards astronomy as a discipline. As such, we typically remove pictures that are not of an exceptional quality (i.e., likely no cell phone. Pictures should have good composition, focus, resolution...). Original Photos should include acquisition information. Other images must link to the original source (ie, Hubble, NASA, etc...). If your photos do not meet these guidelines, consider posting in /r/photos, /r/astrophotography, or /r/spaceporn.

/r/Astronomy is a science based sub. Pseudoscience (Creationism, Electric Universe, Flat Earthism, Ancient Aliens, Moon Landing conspiracy, etc...) will be removed. Similarly, this is not the place for half baked "theories."

Repeat and/or serious offenses will earn you a ban.

Remember, keep looking up!

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