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Audio Post Production

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Can you? - DeNoise and Removal


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About r/AudioPost

> See subreddit rules before posting. > > This is the subreddit for post-production sound geeks in Games, TV, Film, and Broadcast. Audio post is;

> * Dialogue Editing > * ADR > * Sound Effects > * Foley > * Ambience > * Music for picture > * Sound Design > * Re-Recording > * and more > > If your questions are about what lavalier mic's to use on set, how to make your shotgun mic look like a dead opossum, boom pole preferences, which cable actually is connected to the camera, etc., you should ask those questions over in r/LocationSound > > READ THIS POST BEFORE posting a request to repair audio or to remove a sound. > > See our wiki links page to find more information on Loudness, the CALM Act, DAW's, technical documents and much much more.

Feature Post Schedule

Date | Topic :-- | :-- Every Monday | Evaluation Requests 1st of every month | Special Topic 5th of every month | Help Wanted Listings 11th of every month | Self-Promotion Safe Zone 15th of every month | Special Topic 21st of every month | Show Us Your Setup/Studio 25th of every month | The Sound Exchange | Other Upcoming Events | | | - | - |


Reddit Audio Post Professionals

> In the interests of providing a way for redditor producers and audio pro's who need backup to get in touch with audio post pro's, we have started this form / spreadsheet. No personal contact info is allowed and communications should be made via Reddit PM.
> > If you are an audio post professional, enter your info in this form.
> If you need an audio post professional, look here.

Tips for No/Low budgets

> * Contribute sound tips for projects with no/low budget by entering it HERE > > * See the tips list for projects with no/low sound budgets available HERE

The Sound Effects Exchange

> * Submit an SFX Request - Have a sound effect you need made? Ask Reddit! Perhaps we can eventually turn this into a community SFX library.
> > * Create one of the SFX Listed PM the redditor that requested the sound if you are able/willing to create the effect. Please provide original SFX only. Licensed SFX or SFX with an unknown source are not permitted for use in the exchange.
> > You can also check out our SoundCloud SFX Group as well as /r/SoundEffectSwap and /r/SFXLibraries

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