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All things about politics in Australia

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This subreddit is based on news events and neutrality. Therefore links submitted should preferably be based on reporting of events and not around an author's opinion. The aim is the promotion of healthy discussion and analysis of news and current events happening within the political landscape in Australia.

The moderators even broadly cover the political spectrum in an attempt to ensure objectivity and balance.

Cross posting of the more mainstream political issues or major political events is encouraged between here and /r/Australia, although the level of discourse here is to be at a more "mature" level and as previously mentioned analytical in nature so therefore hopefully being "less opinionated" in the process.

Debate of course is natural, healthy, and inevitable, but PLEASE try to maintain the goal of keeping heavily opinionated/vitriolic language out of your commentary of the issues or in the links you submit.


i. Do not editorialise the titles of your submissions or they may be removed

ii. Do not post satirical material, memes, adviceanimals, or image macros.

iii. Do not spam your political bias, or post biased agenda driven material

iv. Do not post users' personal information as they will be removed and you will be banned

v. Do not downvote content purely because you disagree. Only downvote spam or idiocy.

vi. Do not report content just because you don't like it. The report function is only for spam and inappropriate content.

vii. Non political posts about Australia are advised to go to /r/TrueAustralia

viii Keep it civil in here. No abusive, vitriolic, or hostile language at or about those whose political opinions you disagree with.


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  1. Hi welcome to /r/AustralianPolitics. Please read the sidebar and hit the subscribe button | For non political content about Aus go to /r/TrueAustralia.

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