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Flair Assignment Thread


  • No brigading or harassing other users: >If you are caught trying to start a brigade, or brigading yourself, you'll get permanently banned, no exceptions. Brigading is the act of trying to downvote or upvote people who are either against, or in favor of your opinion.

  • Do not link to other threads or subreddits: >Linking to other reddit threads will get you permanently banned. If you are banned for this reason, the ban will be irreversible. Screenshots are acceptable but usernames, including your own, must be hidden or your post will be removed.

  • No hate speech or NSFW content: >No racism, antisemitism, homophobia, etc. Violation of this rule will get you banned. NSFW content will be removed.

  • No mocking AMD: >This should go without saying, but no mocking AMD. Criticism is acceptable to a certain level but may get you banned temporarily at moderator discretion.

  • Flair your posts! >Flair your posts. Don't waste our time! Unflaired posts will be removed.

  • No Nvidiots or Intel fans: >Nvidiots, gefuccbois, sandy/ivy cunts, shitlake, and unintelligent people are not allowed in /r/AyyMD. Begone. Do not post, comment or vote here.

  • Don't ask for a flair outside of the flair assignment thread

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Any especially dank memes or posts will receive the gOoD sHiT flair and will be rewarded with a secret prize.

Note: We are not affiliated with AMD or its subsidiaries in any official capacity. The views of the moderation team do not reflect the view of AMD or its subsidiaries.

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