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BBW Gonewild

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  • Welcome chubby chasers, adipose aficionados, fat fanatics, and BBW benefactors!

  • This is for large lady appreciation. If you're a BBW or SSBBW redditor, this is the place for you to show off. Don't be afraid and know you'll be appreciated and well liked here!

  • If you have a problem with larger people, go be rude somewhere else there's no need for it here.

^As ^of ^11/1/2015 ^You ^must ^be ^verified ^to ^post ^with ^us ^at ^BBWGW. ^Please ^see ^verification ^instructions ^below.


  1. No fat-shaming, this is after all a sub for large ladies.
  2. You must be the involved in the photo posted. Do not post images of other individuals, no matter how attractive you think they are.
  3. No rude/hateful/intentionally offensive comments.
  4. The main sub is open to females and couples only, there is a link in the sidebar for male verification and posting.
  5. No one under the age of 18 may post or comment to the sub-reddit.
  6. No down-voting! No down-voting! No down-voting! This sub is a place where big girls can feel safe and sexy and down-voting is upsetting to some users.
  7. Please use the report button or message the mods for non-kosher posts, if something is amiss please let us know.
  8. Please limit cross-posting, we enjoy having original content, and so do our viewers. Please try to limit the amount of times you re-post and please mark cross-posts in your post title.
  9. No calling people out. This includes asking for or posting someones information/name/location.
  10. Make yourselves at home.
  11. No requesting or hinting that viewers should give you gifts, this includes money, reddit gold, or items. However, viewers are more than welcome to offer these things to the women of BBWGW, just make sure information exchange is done through PM.

  12. DO NOT flood the feed, more than two posts per day is too many. Again, no more than two per day. You may make your albums larger if you wish.

  13. THIS SUB-REDDIT IS NOT A BILLBOARD FOR YOU TO ADVERTISE YOUR SITES/ SUB-REDDIT ON. This is considered rude, please be considerate!

  14. Verification! Verification instructions

  15. If you are a male, feel free to post here Male Posts- Active Thread

  16. Kik, snapchat, various other social media exchange thread. UPDATED 6/13/17


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