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This sub-reddit is dedicated to everything related to BMW vehicles, tuning, racing, motorsport, and the community of BMW drivers around the world.

Our Rules

Themed Submission Days

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Theme days

You're welcome to post anything you want within our rules. Some days are dedicated to certain themes, see below. When posting an submission for a theme day, please tag the submission with the appropriate link flair. See how to here.

Day | Theme ---|--- Sunday Drives | share photos from C&C meets, your weekend trips, weekend track videos, etc. ///M Monday | share BMW M cars Turbo Tuesday | share all boosted BMWs Wagon Wednesday | share BMW wagons TBT | share e36/e34 (1999-1950) and older cars Future Friday | share i, F, and G cars Sedan Saturday | share your sedans ----

Posting Rules

  1. Only share BMW related content

  2. Be respectful We don't all have the same taste.

  3. Please keep memes and rage comic submissions to a minimum

  4. No Gore/NSFL content

  5. No self-promotional posts, [OC] welcome! (see our rules)

  6. We do not allow buying or selling of anything.

Please report any submissions that violate our rules.

Complete list of rules

Pictures and videos taken while you are driving are strongly discouraged.

User Build Threads

Below is our current list of BMW build threads:

If you want to include you build thread in this list, message the mods and we will get you setup

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The easiest way to connect to the chatroom is with KiwiIRC, a web client that you can run in your browser. Use this link to join now!

Familiar with IRC?

Here is the connection info:

Host | Port | Channel -----------------|-----------------|-----------------| | 6667 (66697 for SSL) | #bmw

BMW Forums

DIY Guides

OEM Parts Lookup

Use the site below to find OEM parts. You will need the last 7 digits of your VIN.

Then use this BMW price tool to find the best price:

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