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B Boobs are Best

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Welcome to /r/B_Cups!

We are a subreddit dedicated to women with B-Cup size breasts.
i.e. "perfect tits"...
Not A-Cups or C-Cups or any other letter.

What are "B" Cups?

Subreddit Rules:

  1. B-Cups only
  2. Direct links to images only. When using Imgur, simply right-click the image, select "Open in a new tab", and submit that URL.
  3. Want to find where an image comes from? Be creative, search Google, rarchives or ImgOps or try /r/PornID or /r/TipOfMyPenis.
    Do not ask for a source in a comment. Automoderator will remove your post.
  4. Excessive x-posting is not allowed. A couple of x-posts is ok. Mods WILL remove posts and ban offenders without warning.

  5. No selling or sellers of anything, anywhere.

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