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Bad Dragon - NSFW Pics

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A community built around the discussion and use of Bad Dragon sex toys. Feel free to discuss products, share photos and videos, in the company of like-minded toy lovers! We also encourage talking about other sex toys and sex in general.

Here are a few rules, hints and tips:

  • This is an adult page, please leave if you are not 18+

  • If you want help finding the right toy, you can add [M] or [F] to your post. Alternatively, tell us how you plan on using the toy (vaginally, anally, etc.). This is so our community can help YOU!

  • Note - Gender tags are NOT and NEVER will be mandatory, anyone who pesters those who post for not doing so will be warned, then if ignored, given a temporary ban to emphasise the point.

  • Keep a friendly atmosphere, everyone is encouraged to share. If someone posts a personal picture, please don't body shame them.

  • No spamming, harassing, or trolling.

  • No advertisement for commercial purposes, no advertisement at all without moderator approval.

  • Do not post content that is not yours without the consent of the content owner.

  • If you think it might be illegal (or definitely IS illegal), don't post it or report it to the mods.

  • If you make a Buy/Sell/Trade post, any items you're wanting to sell/trade MUST have properly timestamped photos (EXAMPLE)providing proof of ownership. This is for buyer safety. Failure to provide properly timestamped pictures will result in first being asked nicely to. If you don't, your post will be removed 12 hours after it was originally posted. HERE is a WONDERFUL post detailing the many ways to stay safe and trade happily.

  • Please do not beg/ask for toys/donations. BD toys are a luxury, not a right.


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