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What a save!

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The subreddit is dedicated to ~~great~~ ~~amazing~~ ~~the best~~ phenomenal Rocket League plays. If the earth shattering goals you find on /r/RocketLeague make you feel down this subreddit shows that plenty other people are out to just enjoy the game.


  1. Don't post ~~calculated~~ good goals! This may be pretty obvious but there's always that one person who forgets which sub they're on.

  2. Be nice! We understand some posts might make you so angry that you might want to start an argument with the original poster. This subreddit was created so people could have a laugh, not to hate on people for ~~dropping your rank~~ having fun.

  3. Despite the name, this subreddit is NOT restricted to bad goals! If you have a terrible save, an awful aerial, or anything in-between, it's all accepted here. Just imagine the subreddit being called /r/RocketLittleLeague instead.

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