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Banished - A city-building strategy game

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Banished discoveries, data and tips


Discoveries, Data & Tips

Shining Rock Software


Welcome to /r/Banished!

A subreddit for all things Banished.

Banished is a city-building strategy game developed by Shining Rock Software.

Shining Rock Software

Game developer: /u/pomesuba

Official Forum | Known Issues

Banished AMA

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  • Server: : 6667 (6697 for SSL)

  • Channel: #Banished
  • Web chat

Full rules with more in-depth explanations can be found on he rules page.

  • No low effort (E.g.: "this", "lol", etc.) comments
  • Do not discuss piracy or ask for free game keys
  • Do not editorialize titles
  • Keep things on-topic and about Banished
  • Please be civil & follow rediquette
  • No age/profession/name/etc. combination posts


  • If any generous gamers would like to give away the game, please give the mods a heads up so that we can organize a proper giveaway thread.

Let's Play Channels

Channel | Player :-|:- Grand Strategy Nerd|/u/twentyitalians Czardus|/u/Czardus Bazkur98 | /u/Bazkur Finowen | /u/RayceC Biffa2001|/u/Biffa2001 GamersDissent|/u/Etalyx quill18|/u/quill18 Hardy_Man|/u/Hardy_Man aKiss4Luck|- Arumba|- lwCoyote|/u/lwcoyote Pinstar|/u/Pinstar Tuaktaka|/u/Tuaktaka Skye Storme|- MrLankey|/u/MrLankey Vaypah|/u/VaypahGaming Brokenskull102|/u/Brokenskull102 GameplayCreature|/u/gameplaycreatureYT JeStoneIV|/u/JeStoneIV

Live Streams

Channel | Player :-|:- quill18|/u/quill18 cleavetv|/u/never_been_rimmed keden16|/u/Kedenb egyptianjoeirl|/u/EgyptianJoeIRL tinysparrowirl|/u/TinySparrowIRL

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