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Barefoot & Minimalist running

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BarefootRunning FAQ, Running FAQ, Fitness FAQ

Barefoot & minimalist running: the strong feet collective.

Barefoot and minimalist submissions are welcome here at BarefootRunning.

For a subreddit for only unshod/completely barefoot running, see /r/barefoot.

Possible benefits of barefoot/minimalist running include more ground feel, stronger feet, pain/injury free running.

Barefoot: starting, Professor (video), Ted, Jason

Start slowly, your body needs time to adapt to a radically different way of movement. Too much too soon will result in injury, possibly stress fractures or worse. Pretend you are learning how to run for the first time. Listen to your body, if you have pain while running, stop immediately. Going barefoot may change your shoe size (usually smaller & wider), so some recommend unshod before buying minimalist shoes. Run less than half a mile for your first time, and build up gradually, with rest days. You will be sore in new areas due to barefoot/minimalist running, but if you feel pain or soreness that does not go away after a few days, do not run.

Glass is an overblown concern. The soles of your feet will gradually toughen as you slowly increase your amount of barefooting. Be alert and constantly scan the ground for anything reflective, but especially watch out for cars pulling out/into driveways. Run against traffic.

Minimize sitting

Exercises: dynamic stretching (vid), tabata sprints, backwards running, side box jumps (vid), two hundred squats

Minimalist shoes:

Vibram Five Fingers: separate toes; Merrell; Soft star; ZEMgear; Vivo Barefoot; Feelmax, USA distribution;; inov-8; stem footwear

BTR Born to Run (book)
HIIT High intensity interval training
MR Minimalist Runner/Running
TMTS Too Much Too Soon - stress fracture risk
TOFP Top of Foot Pain
VFF Vibram Five Fingers - specify model(s)

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