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A Place for all things Batman Arkham!

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Welcome to /r/BatmanArkham! This is a subreddit for the Batman: Arkham universe, including Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Arkham Origins, Batman: Arkham Knight and all mobile/comics tie-ins. We’re here to share the love and appreciation of these games, as well as spark insightful discussions and critical analysis of the stories, characters, gameplay and other elements.


  1. This subreddit is intended for the discussion of the Batman Arkham games. Although discussion of the characters in other mediums is allowed, please try and keep the subjects related to the Arkham universe. /r/Batman is a great subreddit for discussion of all things Bat, and /r/DcComics is a great place to discuss the comics. Also, we know Insomniac's Spider-Man game exists, and it looks very similar, but this is not the place to talk about it. We would love to redirect you to our friends at /r/SpidermanPS4 if that is what you want to discuss!

  2. Related subjects in other mediums, such as cosplay, fan theories, memes and original artwork is all welcome if related to the Arkham universe.

  3. Please don't harass people. Keep things civil, and refer to Rediquette for some ground rules. Comments violating these rules or otherwise are generally harmful to the community will be removed, and frequent violations is subject to a ban from this subreddit.

  4. Please don’t use this subreddit to promote things, such as youtube channels or blogs. New and original content is welcome, but things such as “let's play” videos do not contribute to the discussion for the most part. Let's play videos are no longer allowed.

  5. Additionally, please don’t use this website to request copies of the game or for promotion of external contests. It is perfectly acceptable to do giveaways and contests ON this subreddit, or inform the community of official contests from DC/WB/Rocksteady, but do not use this subreddit as a way to divert traffic for personal gain. Also, sales or trades of any form are not allowed.

  6. Posts regarding someone stating they are an employee leaking information of future installment of games have to be approved by one of the mods by sending one of us proof of employment. It does not need to be an essay of who you are or a picture of yourself. Proof of employment, like an ID card, is an example of acceptable proof.


This subreddit allows for the reddit-standard spoiler tag. To add a spoiler tag write your comment within square brackets immediately followed by (/spoiler)

For example:

Batman is Bruce Wayne!

Would be written as:

Batman is [Bruce Wayne!](/spoiler)

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