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Battlefront 2 game discussions

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Do not post personal details or incite "witch hunts" by singling out users for the sake of shaming them. In-game names of hackers may be posted, but only if physical evidence of hacking in a multiplayer game is provided. See this post for details.

Absolutely no harassment or inflammatory language will be tolerated. Be respectful to users, their playstyles, and their platform of choice. Do not post spam or advertisements. Do not post any content not directly related to Star Wars Battlefront. See this post for details on what is allowed under this rule.

Do not share pirated software or exploits, or ask for others to share exploits.

No rage-bait or trolling.

Low-effort content will be removed at the discretion of the moderators. This includes, but is not limited to: memes and reaction media, photos of objects that look like things from the game, unconstructive criticism, and screenshots of the round score screen. Low effort posts are allowed.

All posts containing spoilers for anything Star Wars related must be tagged as spoilers. Do NOT include spoilers in the post title. Titles are completely visible to users on mobile and users with css turned off, so be considerate. A permanent ban will be issued on the first offense. No exceptions.

The rules of reddit and reddiquette also apply.

Please correctly report posts if they break a rule. If it's urgent, then please message the moderators.

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