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for the discussion of beards and beard culture

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>r/BeardTalk is here to promote beardly discussions, giving those with beard-related questions and issues the opportunity to talk about what we all love: beards!

>Suggested Discussion Topics:

> Guidance > Feedback > Maintenance > Tips >* Product Reviews

>r/BeardTalk Rules:

> Follow reddiquette > Don't post personal info >* Don't be an ass.

>^(Report hateful, spam, or off-topic content.)

>##Bearding Guides

> The basics to growing a good beard > Tools & tips for a proper beard trim > Styling & controlling your beard > Moisturizers for a healthy beard > Oils: What they can do for you and your beard > Beard Care Products: General Info >* Beard Oil: Reasons and Proper Application


>######A place to come talk about all things beardly!

>BeardChat SnooNet

>BeardChat Support

>##What's a Yeard?

>^A ^Yeard ^is ^1 ^year ^of ^full ^beard ^natural ^untrimmed ^beard ^growth. ^Cleaning ^up ^the ^neck ^line ^( below the adam's apple) ^and ^cheek ^line ^is ^allowed. ^Untrimmed ^moustaches ^are ^encouraged ^but ^not ^required.

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>^Hover ^over ^image ^for ^a ^brief ^description.

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>Message the mods for VENDOR flair.

>##Beardly Subreddits

> * Beards > * Moustache > * Beard Advice > * Beard Babies > * Beard Oil > * Beard Pets > * Beard Porn > * Dad Beards > * Famous Beards > * Glamour Beards > * Lady Beards > * Long Beards > * Male Grooming > * Movember > * Wicked Edge

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