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Come hither for some Bearded Dragon fun!

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A subreddit for all Bearded Dragon lovers.

Feel free to exchange stories, photos, tips, or whatever about your bearded dragons. We're all up for having our brains picked with questions regarding your beardie. A little bit of background info will help us help you.

  • The size of your set up

  • The UV light - brand and age

  • Feeding/Dusting schedule

  • Beardie age (if known)

  • Substrate

  • Temperatures (Hot, Basking, Cool)

  • Pictures are helpful!

We would ask that anyone looking to sell bearded dragons wait until they are at least 8 weeks old, of healthy weight, and well cared for. Please no commercial seller/breeder posts.

Please remember to keep comments respectful and kind. Constructive criticism is welcome, but any hint of nastiness, you will be warned and the comment removed. Thank you!

24 Hour Community Chat! /r/BeardedDragons now have a Skype group convo! Whether it's beardie-related or you want to kill some time, message /u/heatbbx or add johnredlabel on Skype to join in the fun :)

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