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Beautiful Females

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This is a PG-rated subreddit for people who can appreciate female beauty without being a perv about it.


> > THINGS NOT ALLOWED ON THIS SUBREDDIT > > 1. Anything you would be uncomfortable looking at with a typical mom or boss looking over your shoulder. Bikinis are no longer allowed. Clothing should not be skimpier than this. > > 2. Photos of people from social media sites that have not shared their photos with the public. > > 3. Photos of girls under 13, or girls under 18 who are trying to look sexy or not fully clothed (no swimsuits, leotards, cleavage, or skimpy clothing of any kind). Please read this before commenting about a girl's age. > > 4. x-posts in the title of the post. Put it in a comment and mark it NSFW if necessary. > > 5. Dickish behavior, lewd comments, insults to the women posted. If you don't like them, just downvote and move on. > > 6. Posts that are not direct links to a photo of a female with her face visible > >Photos should be posted via Reddit's image upload feature, or hosted on an image hosting site like > >Any comments linking to pages with NSFW material must have the letters NSFW next to the link. > >All posts and comments with links will automatically be hidden from public view until a moderator reviews them. > Please don't post the same person more than twice a day.



> If you know the name of the person in the picture, please include it in the title. If you don't know who the photo is of, try doing a reverse image search by going to Google Images and clicking the camera icon next to the search button. This is also a good way of finding larger versions of the photo. > Please link directly to image. Your link should end in jpg, gif, gifv, or png, unless it is an album. The easiest way to get the correct link is to right click on the image and select "Copy image location/address" from the pop-up menu. >* Posts with low scores may be deleted at mod's discretion.


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