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Beauty Addiction

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Beauty Addiction

Welcome to /r/BeautyAddiction! This is a community for like-minded beauty obsessed people to get together and talk real with one another. Introduce yourself, make yourself at home, we look forward to getting to know you better :)

Rules For This Subreddit

  • I. Please be respectful and follow Reddiquette.
  • II. Haul posts must have products clearly shown. Images of just boxes will be removed. Swatches are preferred. Reviews are encouraged but not required.
  • III. FOTD Posts must have a product list in comments.
  • IV. CCW (constructive criticism) is assumed here; if you would prefer not to receive it please say so in your post.
  • V. Keep sales posts to a minimum. A thread will be added if there's interest but mods may remove excessive sales spam posts.
  • VI. Affiliate links are not allowed unless requested in comments.
  • VII. We do not tolerate drama, cattiness or general abuse. Offending posts or comments will be removed and can result in a ban from the subreddit. Should you encounter or witness this type of behaviour, please message the mods.
  • VIII. Users found shaming others in any way will be banned. Examples of this are questioning peoples income or posting pictures to ridicule their looks. It will not be tolerated. Should you encounter or witness this type of behaviour, please message the mods.
  • IX. Do not share personal information that would make you easily found outside of Reddit. If the mods have concerns for your privacy we may remove something you have posted and talk to you about it.
  • X. NSFW Content (Gore/SFX make up) is allowed and should be tagged as NSFW.
  • XI. No direct links to your blog, youtube or brand/store links. We are not a platform for your brand. You're welcome to link your blog/youtube videos in comments of your own post. Active contributors may request their flair to be their blog/youtube url.
  • XII. Memes outside of Meme Saturday are not permitted.

Posting Schedule

Automod posts are posted at 15:00 and 17:00 UTC

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