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Cruelty free BGC - all the snark, none of the venom

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  1. No derogatory or disparaging comments about things that are not easily changed These things include physical appearance, race, skin color, gender, body size, age, religion, physical/mental health disorders, etc. This means no armchair diagnosis, no speculating on whether someone has or doesn't have this mental health issue or that mental health issue, or whether they're on meds, or should be, or any of that nonsense, even if you claim to be a medical professional. Don't be a jerk. Please report any such posts or comments and they will be removed ASAP.

  2. No doxxing. Don't post anyone's personal information. This includes home address, phone number, personal email address, full names, family members' info, etc. Don't post links to anyone's personal social media accounts - for example, if a BG you hate has a public persona and a private persona, we're here to discuss their public persona - don't post links to their other accounts.

  3. No badgering, and be respectful of each other. Disagree all you want, but if you can't make your point without calling the other person a bitch, or crazy, or insinuating that they're mentally unbalanced because they have a different opinion, the conversation is probably over anyway. Don't continue to badger someone who disagrees with you and obviously isn't going to change their mind. Don't send them shitty PM's. Move on to the next conversation.

  4. No self promotion direct photo or video links to your social media accounts and spam content (including seeking advice on becoming a guru) will be deleted by the mods. You are welcome to link your social media in text flair, however, self-promotion rules still apply.

  5. Post Quality Posts titles should be descriptive, and posts should spark discussion. For link posts, please comment about the link, and what you felt was compelling or interesting about the subject matter, to start discussion. If you're linking to Twitter or Snapchat, please make sure you include a comment that describes the tweet/snap, or link to a screenshot instead, so that if the original gets deleted, people know what the topic was. Low effort link posts or posts that don't encourage discussion, or posts that encourage negativity (aka "shitposts") may be removed by the mod team.

Please Note

Our mods will be encouraged to remain responsive to the community. Mods are human beings, doing this work on a volunteer basis. We are as prone to making mistakes as everyone else. If we make a bad call, we hope that the community will call us on it, and we'll try to be responsive. Sometimes we'll stand by our decisions, sometimes we'll change our minds on the basis of different perspectives that are presented well. These may lead to rule changes - we're keeping the rules pretty basic to start with.

The difference between snark and venom

Snark - "He needs to BRUSH HIS HAIR!" Brushing hair is an easy fix. If their hair looks like a rat's nest, snark on, snarkster.

Venom - "She needs to see a dentist - her smile looks like a mouthful of baked beans." We have no idea what's going on with her teeth, but it isn't a quick and inexpensive fix, so it doesn't need to be said. Report these comments and they'll be removed.

Snark - "Girl, you're reaching." Potentially valid observation. Disagreeing with other posters is a given. Make an effort to be respectful, or at the very least, civil.

Venom - During a disagreement, saying anything in the vein of "You're fucking stupid" or "You're pathetic and sad". It's mean spirited and doesn't contribute to the conversation, and if it's reported, it'll be be removed.

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