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  1. Don't be an asshole. (We encourage you to brush up on reddiquette.)

  2. Don't violate reddit’s content policy

reddit's no doxxing rules require that if you post pics of social media drama, you must obscure the names of anyone who isn't a public figure (BG, in our case).

  1. No self promotion, except in user flair, and in our weekly Self Promotion post. This includes asking for advice on how to become a BG.

  2. Post quality rules;

    a. Posts must have descriptive titles - i.e. must include who and/or what the topic is

    b. Duplicate posts will be removed

    c. Posts must involve BGs or relate to the BG community

    d. No memes - please post them at /r/bgchatmemes

    e. No shitposting

Report posts and comments you think violate these rules, especially "Don't be an asshole"!

Click here to read our Rules wiki page.

Click here to read about our ban guidelines.

Please Note

Our mod team likes to remain responsive to the community. Mods are human beings, doing this work on a volunteer basis. We are as prone to making mistakes as everyone else, and we work as a team to fix them. If we make a call you disagree with, please send us modmail. Sometimes we'll stand by our decisions, sometimes we'll change our minds on the basis of different perspectives that are presented well.


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