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Beauty Guru Discussion

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Welcome to BeautyGuruDiscussion! Currently new and under construction.

One of the main goals here as far as moderating goes is to be open to community input. This isn't my place, it's ours!

1. All posts must encourage discussion. As is stated in rediquette, "Keep your submission titles factual and opinion free. If it is an outrageous topic, share your crazy outrage in the comment section."
2. Please use an np link when linking to threads outside of this subreddit. Do not vote or comment on np links.
3. Try to keep things civil. Keep yourself collected - no argument online is worth getting heated over. Don't be a jerk. Please, try to stay on topic.
4. No witch hunts or vote brigading. When posting screenshots, make sure to block out personal information. 5. As always, follow Reddit's official rules & TOS. Please use rediquette. Self-promotion is encouraged, but only in the designated monthly self-promotion threads.
6. No DOXXing or sharing of anyone's (including beauty gurus' and other "public" persons') personal information - information that is not publicly available.
7. Rampant speculation about others' health (mental or physical - this includes pregnancy, weight, diet) status and/or sexuality and gender orientation/preferences is not permitted. No "armchair diagnosis". Again, try to stay on topic. Discussion of mental health is allowed - speculation is not.
8. Be yourself and have fun! We'd love for this place to be a sister sub to MUACJDiscussion someday if we grow enough :) Don't hesitate to message the moderators with questions, comments, or complaints. This sub belongs to the community.

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