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The Betterment Book Club

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Welcome to The Betterment Book Club!

This subreddit is designed for those of us that want to discuss self-improvement type books with like-minded people. The goal is to increase our discipline and self-worth.

How It Works

We want to read YOUR summaries, thoughts and questions on books you have read. We also host monthly book discussions based on the book subscribers voted on. The discussion hub is stickied and includes comment threads for each chapter. At the end of the month, there is a final discussion on the book's themes, how to apply its advice to our lives, and other ideas gleaned from it.


All our previous discussions are found below:

2017 Books

2016 Books

  2015 Books

2014 Books

To suggest future books or give feedback, send us a moderator mail.

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Please visit /r/GetDisciplined for general discussion about self-discipline and improvement.


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