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BigBoobsWithFriends - What's better than one stacked girl?

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Welcome to BigBoobsWithFriends A place for group shots, line-ups, comparisons and anything else with 4 or more boobs in it.

Feel free to post and help the sub grow!


1. Excluded Content:

  • Nothing underage (under 18). Nothing that even looks like it might be underage. If in doubt, don't post.

  • Strictly no morphs or photoshopped images.

  • Please do not re-post Amateur or Gonewild sub pictures unless they are your photos e.g. you are in them (with a friend or two).

  • No images from Let's save the lawyers some work. Pictures of Chloe from elsewhere are fine.

2. Submission Guidelines

  • Big Boobs - Nothing smaller than D cups on the majority of women featured.

  • With Friends - 2 - and ideally more - women in each picture or GIF.

  • Poses should be as comparable as possible - e.g. both standing or sitting. This is basically perfect. Don't be afraid to post good content if the models aren't in identical poses, just keep them similar.

  • Upper body must be visible. We need to be able to see the goods.

  • Naming models in the Post title is encouraged.

  • Non-nude is fine e.g. bikini or lingerie shots.

  • Use imgur, eroshare or reddit hosting only for linking to images.

3. General

  • Be respectful to your fellow redditors and the ladies featured.

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