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If posting plot content, please "Spoiler" tag submissions and do not put spoilers in the titles

This subreddit is dedicated to the BioShock game series developed by Irrational Games and 2K.

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Rules & Info

> - Content MUST be related specifically and directly to Bioshock. Information on developers and publishers, objects that are similar but not exact replicas, or content that isn't exclusively related to Bioshock (i.e. music, architecture, font, phrases, etc.) will all be removed.

> - Please read the FAQ and the sidebar before posting. They will answer most of your questions.

> - Generic reaction gifs, reaction videos, and memes are not allowed on this subreddit unless in a self post. Feel free to post them in the comments.

> - Posts intended for advertising something such as clothing will be removed.

> - All spoilers for Burial At Sea Part 2 MUST be spoiler-tagged with the post flair. To ease in sorting, the title of the thread should also be marked [SPOILERS].

> - Spoilers for other parts in the series do not require tags although it would be greatly appreciated. Blatant spoilers in the title or thumbnail will either be removed or auto-tagged for spoilers.

> - Posts containing pornographic content or intentionally sexual imagery will be removed and asked to be posted to other subreddits.

> - Posts intended to harass other users will be removed and the submitter will receive a one-day ban from /r/Bioshock. A second offense will result in a permanent ban. If you see anyone on this subreddit attacking or harassing other users, please do not hesitate to report it to the moderators.


We have codes that work for comments only. Your own text is typed within brackets, followed by the 'spoilers' tag, like so:

[This is a spoiler sentence.](/spoiler)

Ex:The Wrench is OP.

The above format only works in the comments section - do NOT use spoilers in submission titles!


New to the BioShock series? Unsure if your question has been answered already? Check out the Wiki and the Frequently Asked Questions.

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BioShock: Infinite - PCGW - Bugs/Fixes/Workarounds

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