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Information about bipolar disorder and associated issues. (/r/BipolarReddit)

A Reddit to share information about who you are, how you think, and what helps you cope in life.

Only text/self posts are allowed in this reddit. Please post your desired links in the self post with a description of the link, and start a discussion around it :)

Please let this sharing be constructive, informative, and polite.

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Public Service Announcements:

If you think a post or comment breaks the rules please REPORT it and MESSAGE THE MODERATORS to explain why it bothers you. We get notifications for messages but not for reports, so this enables us to respond faster and communicate with you if we are unable to take action.

If your post doesn't show up shortly after posting it please message a moderator as it may be stuck in the spam filter.

Feel free to visit our friends over at: /r/depression/

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