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Birbs being birbs

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What exactly are birbs? Birbs are birds that are being funny, cute, or silly in some way. Take your time to browse our existing posts to get a feel for the perfect birb posts.

The title must be one word and be some variation of 'birb'. Borb, beeb, berb, etc.

A few things to remember when posting a birb:

  • Birbs and mammals interacting is generally a bad idea, all mammals have a certain bacteria in their saliva which is potentially deadly to many species of birds, even a playful interaction could be disastrous. Please don't submit any posts of bird/mammal interactions, even harmless-seeming ones (with the exception of natural interactions).

Examples: [1] [2]

  • Please don't post stressed, injured, or upset birbs, especially not ones purposefully stressed out in order to make a "funny" post. A good birb is a happy birb. If the birb gets itself into some sort of shenanigans, then that's ok, as long as it's unharmed or not super stressed out.

Examples: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

  • Birds are more fragile than cats and dogs, so please avoid posts of people improperly handling their birbs or blowing smoke in their face.

Examples: [1] [2]

  • No NSFW posts, not even tagged ones.

If you're unsure whether or not your post breaks any of the above rules, feel free to contact the mods!


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