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Bitcoin Discussion

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A place for cultivating high-quality, open and serious discussions about Bitcoin.

Your best source for ideas, discussions, and debate regarding technical, economic, business and political developments about the world's first and best cryptocurrency - Bitcoin.

If it's your first time here, please take a quick look through our rules and guidelines, and then dive in. Anyone is also free to view our Public Moderation Log.


Content Guidelines

(See our posting guide for etiquette.)

  1. All posted material must be related to Bitcoin, directly or indirectly.

  2. No editorialized titles. Please keep the titles of your links and posts as close to neutral observation as you can. Editorialized titles will be removed or edited at the moderators' discretion. And no titles in all caps.

  3. No memes, puns, or jokes posts. The aim of this community is to offer value and insight, and memes and jokes do neither. And as it stands, this type of content is more than well provided for in the other Bitcoin subreddits.

  4. No trivial milestones, minor news updates, or price speculation. We encourage sources or posts that involve considerable information and background. A twitter status is not likely to pass this filter, although we may make exceptions for official announcements regarding particularly significant events.

  5. Self-posts are allowed and encouraged, especially if posing a hypothesis or asking an in-depth question, but please provide necessary details or links within the text. Low-effort or vague posts will be removed at the mod's discretion. Simple or beginner questions will be removed, and you will be pointed toward r/BitcoinBeginners. One is expected to have at least an intermediate level understanding of bitcoin in order to post here.

  6. When making factual claims, we strongly encourage citing, including in comments.

  7. Alternative competing versions of Bitcoin are not considered alt-coins, and are considered fair game.

  8. Posts about alt-coins are considered acceptable if and only if they contain developments that are particularly relevant to Bitcoin. If you're not sure, then this probably isn't the place for it. Try r/CryptoCurrency instead.

  9. No attacks aimed at individuals. You are free to criticize specific actions or ideas by people, but this is not a place for "calling out" what you perceive as negative people in the space.

  10. Don't repeat stuff just to point out how stupid it is. If something doesn't make sense or is a particular bad idea, then don't pass it along. Focus on stuff worth discussing!

  11. This is an English subreddit. If you post a link to something in a different language, you must include a comment with a detailed English summary (or better yet, a full translation).

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