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Blackout 2015

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This is a place to discuss current meta-going on's at reddit, such as new changes and notable events, like a subreddit being banned/quarantined or a user who is the topic of conversation. This subreddit will also serve as an archive of the July 2015 Reddit Blackout.


1) Posts concerning the privatization of a subreddit should be posted as a link leading directly to the page of that subreddit.

2) Posts asking users to brigade against or spam subreddits or people who have chosen not to stand with us in our protest against the recent changes made by reddit HQ will not be tolerated. The moderators of /r/blackout2015 do not condone such actions.

3) No witch hunts. Do not call out individual users, moderators or admins in a way which would result in a brigade. Linking to reddit and sharing screens is fine, as long as there is no call to arms against an individual. If in doubt, redact screen names.

4) You are encouraged to downvote shitposting & upvote quality posts. Low quality posts may be removed, if so, try to add more information and evidence.

5) Is your submission stuck in the spam filter? Do you have a question about a removal? Message the moderators.

6) You are encouraged to share your opinion! Share your thoughts on something, especially if they are intelligent and with depth.

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