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A subreddit devoted to all things blacksmith. Feel free to show off your latest creations or get advice on a problem, or anything else related to blacksmithing!

Previous winners of our monthly contest!

January: /u/ArtistCeleste

February: /u/Karn3

March: /u/docroberts

April: /u/forge_lizard

May/June: /u/The_Brass_Dog

Please remember that any information/tips/tricks you get from this subreddit are not the end-all-be-all of blacksmithing. This is a multi-thousand year old trade and much of the information garnered from those times were lost during the industrial revolution. Do your own research to double check if you agree with the opinions stated here before following them.

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Beginner? Read our [FAQ] ( and FAQ Discussion, And be sure to check out below.

WARNING!!! Read this before attempting any kind of forging.

Rules and guidelines for posting:

  • Please be considerate to others when posting/commenting. Blatant troll posts/comments will be removed.

  • Obviously this sub is for blacksmithing related topics, so keep posts related to blacksmithing.

  • Blatant advertising and for sale posts are not allowed.

  • When reporting content, you MUST state WHY you reported it.

  • Any NSFW posts will be reviewed by the mods and may be removed based on our judgement of the value of the content.

Further resources:

  • Have an englishweight anvil? Try this nifty little tool from anvilfire to find out how much it weighs in lbs.

  • Dictionary from anvilfire for those hard to google terms.

  • ABANAs list of schools in North America

  • Appalachian Blacksmiths Association list of schools in the US



  • [Collection of tutorials] (

  • Brake drum forge

  • Project ideas here

  • Some very good tutorials here

Our friends:

Skilled Trade Network: Metalwork

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