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For the bladesmiths, beauty and destruction, art and skill.

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Welcome to Bladesmith! The art and craft of forged blades.

This place is welcome to everyone, from master artisans, to beginners, to people that just like knives and learning and sharing their knowledge

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Kiln Build by meepstah
[Large and in Depth List of Wood for Handles] (
Dirt Cheap Guide to Knife Forging

Useful links and Information:

Heat Treating Tool Box- Kevin Cashen's detailed guide to heat treating

Knife Shop Safety and PPE by Jim Ferguson (Downloadable, Right Click, Save As)

Absolute Cheapskate Way To Start Making Knives (Downloadable PDF)

Bob Engnath Knife Patterns (PDF)

Nick Wheeler- Hand sanding 101 (YouTube)

Hype Free Blades FAQ

Buffing Wheels and Compounds

Steel: The “welding steel” at Tractor Supply/ Lowes/ Home Depot is mild steel and useless for knives Buy new, known, annealed blade steel. It is well worth it. Files, railroad spikes, lawnmower blades and other unknown steels can definitely be used for practice forging but will not perform for a knife. For the work involved, it is very cheap to buy and use known good steel.

1084FG sold by Aldo Bruno is formulated for Knifemaking, Cheap & made for DIY heat-treat. Phone # 862-203-8160

His telephone service is better than his website.

Kevin Cashen Heat Treating Info

Heat Treating Basics Video (downloadable) Right click and save this and watch it often

Heat Treat services:

Air Hardening Stainless Steel Only A2, ATS34, Elmax, CPM154, 154CM, 440C etc.

Buck Knives- Paul Bos Heat Treating

Texas Knifemaker's Supply

Oil Hardening Carbon Steels and Air Hardening Stainless Steels Oil quenched O1, 1095, 1084, 52100, 5160 Or air quenched A2, ATS34, Elmax, CPM154, 154CM, 440C etc.

Peter's Heat Treat

Knifemaker CA (Canadian)

-Be sure to check the Shipping and Price tabs

Quenchants for Oil hardening steel

Forget the Goddard's Goop Quench, Motor Oil, Transmission Fluid

Use commercial quench oil & match oil speed to the steel type Here is a good post by Kevin Cashen with the Explanation and classification of oil speeds

For heat treating yourself with minimal equipment, find a Eutectoid steel 1080, 1084. Grocery store canola oil can work well -if you use clean preheated oil

Brine and water are cheap for "water hardening" steels W1 and 1095, but use fast oils Parks 50 & Houghton Quench K If you use water or brine, expect broken blades!

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