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Welcome to /r/blogging.

A community for bloggers. This sub is aimed towards helping bloggers obtain constructive critique, feedback and advice. Bloggers can also share their experiences and knowledge regarding anything related to blogging

Participation is highly encouraged.

Please read the rules carefully and abide by the guidelines.

Use the "report" button on spam and off-topic posts to help us keep the subreddit clean.

Posting Guidelines

  • To be able to post, your account must have a minimum of 3 comment karma and be of at least 3 days old

  • Feedback requests go in the Monthly Feedback thread.

  • Promotion of blog posts go in the Check Out My Blog Post thread.

  • Advertisers should contact the mods in advance with details about the service or tool such as purpose, benefits, costs, links, etc.

  • Contributors or guest bloggers posts have to include topic areas, length of post, frequency of post, deadline and remuneration.

  • Posts with external links must include a summary or key points of the article in the body of your post

  • Posting of any kind of affiliate link is strictly not allowed.

  • Flair your posts appropriately.

Flair filters

Filter out various threads by clicking the flairs below.

  • Announcement for subreddit announcements & advertisements

  • Meta threads about the current state of the subreddit

  • Question threads that ask for queries or help

  • Tips/Info/Discussion if you want to share tips or discuss in general

  • Contributors if you are looking for guest bloggers, coders, content writers or any kind of contribution for your blog/website

If you are unsure of any of the rules, message the mods for a clarification.

Message the Mods

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