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BoJack Horseman

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> Subreddit for the animated comedy series on Netflix. Renewed for a fifth season.


Season 4 Episode Discussions



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> Comments must be spoiler tagged appropriately depending upon the context of the thread. For example, if someone asks "Is this show worth watching?", do not post spoilers. Otherwise expect spoilers in the links or comments section of any submission. > All submitted content should have a direct relationship to the show. Relating content through the title is insufficient grounds for relevancy. > No screencaps of references to BoJack Horseman elsewhere on reddit or social media. > Frequent reposts are subject to removal. > Spoiler code: > [Spoiler](#s "BoJack") will appear as: > Spoiler > You can edit "Spoiler" to specify the type of spoiler it is. Put your spoilers inside the quotations.


Main Cast:

> Will Arnett as BoJack Horseman > Alison Brie as Diane > Aaron Paul as Todd > Amy Sedaris as Princess Carolyn > * Paul F. Tompkins as Mr. Peanutbutter

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