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A subreddit dedicated to accepting and loving your body.

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> # Welcome to r/BodyAcceptance!

> This is a place for body acceptance.

> Click here for our philosophy, our rules on cross-posting and trigger warnings, and a note on voting.

> ---

> We are often bombarded with the "ideal," and the vast majority of both women and men, do not measure up, regardless of their weight.

> ---

> We all suffer from a lack of perfection and comparison to genetic rarities and we all deserve to feel good about ourselves and comfortable in our skin.

> ---

> We welcome bodies of all shapes, sizes, abilities, and disabilities. We are about accepting yourself right now, as you are.


> # Some hard and fast rules

> * Any abusive behavior towards any poster will not be tolerated.

> This includes a general rule of respect and civility.

> * No weight-shaming. This is not a weight loss or gain support group. No telling people that they need to change their body.

> Pictures and Videos are automatically filtered to prevent judgement based on looks. All bodies are accepted as they are. We will approve these post/comments on a case by case basis.* Feel free to msg the moderators.

> * No advocating dieting, no trash talking of bodies or negative comments about any bodies, and no telling anyone what they should eat or how they should exercise. These are personal decisions, and it is absolutely not acceptable to push them on others.

> (Important note: Discussions of eating patterns for overall health or recovery from disordered eating are allowed. Discussing or suggesting intentional weight gain or loss is not allowed here. There are a thousand other places on the Internet for that. This isn't one of them.)

> * Do not attempt to impersonate a moderator. This will result in immediate banning.

> * Posts violating these policies will be removed.

> * If you see anything that does not follow the rules listed above, please click the report button.

> * Any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this subreddit may be directed to the moderators.

> * We use automoderator to reduce spam and trolling. Occasionally, it will remove a post that does adhere to the rules. If your post doesn't appear, message the mods for manual approval.

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