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  1. Photos + GIFs only - no videos
  2. Direct image links - *not to a page or gallery
  3. Use trusted source - (e.g. IMGUR, GFYCAT,...)
  4. Absolutely no dudes visible
  5. No low resolution or blurry images - or low frame rate for GIFs
  6. No advertisements
  7. No spam posting - if you have multiple pics, post the best, link the others in a comment
  8. Content must adhere to the "maxed" aesthetic


Adding details in the comments is encouraged.

  • Model name (in bold)
  • Boobpedia link
  • Size of the implants in cc's
  • Cup/bra size
  • Height/weight
  • Social links (twitter, instagram, tumblr, snapchat, etc..)
  • Links to additional photos or gallery
  • Interesting quote or fact (in italics)


Defining the "maxed" out aesthetic:

This sub is for a specific look.
Imagine the surgeon throwing his hands up in the air, shaking his head, turning to look at his assistant and exclaiming, "I just can't fit anymore in!"
Imagine an overinflated balloon about to pop floating on a body of water.
Think bimbo, barbie doll, cartoon sized boobs.

Examples of some features:

  • shadows above the breast
  • very tight skin
  • perfect round shape
  • ultra high profile
  • no sagging/dropping (anti-gravity boobs)
  • no room for any more cc's

We want girls with boobs that have the aesthetic, not just the size alone. There are lots of boobs out there that are huge, but not necessarily the cartoon/bimbo/barbie look we're all about here.

Looking for just massive crazy monster boobs?
Check out /monstertits

BoltedOnMaxed // FreshTits // FlawedBoltons // MonsterTits

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BoltedOnBooty // HardBoltons // Bimbofication

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