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Brand, The Burning Vengeance

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DISCORD SERVER (Work in Progress) >###Welcome to \/r/BrandMains

Hi, and welcome to the subreddit dedicated to Brand, The Burning Vengeance. Feel free to use this subreddit to share your Brand guides, plays, fanart, discussions, strategies, tips and more.

If you're a Brand Main wanting to improve, or are simply interested in learning how to play Brand, don't hesitate to search for existing threads or submit your own questions.

Thanks for subscribing!

  • League of Legends - Brand Wiki

  • League of Legends - Brand Champion Spotlight


Message the moderators to add your guide here.

Mid Brand:

  • TrueMortal (Challenger I)

  • VioletSea (Platinum V)

Support Brand:

  • Gensou (Gold I)

>###1v1 Tournament Hall of fame

December 2016 EU: Corniator NA: Silencermage


  • We encourage you to apply 'reddiquette' when submitting a new post or commenting in an existing one.

  • Keep all topics and submissions relevant to Brand, League of Legends, Riot Games and LoL e-Sports only.

  • Content considered NSFW is not allowed.

  • Do not spam.

  • Do not ask for personal information.

  • Be sensible and civil in your discussions. We will not tolerate hateful speech or any harmful actions targeted at a certain user or group.

  • Do not promote the use of bug exploits and cheats (includes boosting services, scripting, hacks, or disallowed third-party services).

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